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Tips For Emails To College Soccer Coaches

After finding college soccer programs that interest you, a great next step is to email the program's coach. To find a coach's email, the college program's soccer page is a great place to start! As a player, initiating communication with a college coach displays your independence and eagerness to be a part of their college soccer program. Below are some tips to help you craft an email that will stand out from the crowd and capture the coach's attention:

1. Have A Professional-Sounding Email Address

Before you even begin drafting an email, check the email address you are sending from. That is the first impression a college coach will have of you, so make sure it is an appropriate representation of you. If you require a new email address, it is free to do so through Gmail. Try to create a simple address with your name and graduation year.

2. Create A Good Subject Line

The subject line is where you provide an engaging snapshot of yourself. Below are important pieces of information to consider including:

  • Your name

  • Graduation year

  • Position

  • Soccer event you are attending

  • A standout detail: GPA, ACT score, or video (if you have one)

3. Greet And Introduce Yourself

Your email should begin with a professional greeting to the coach, addressing them by their last name ("Dear Coach [Last Name]"). After your greeting, the introduction serves as a brief summary of who you are and why you are emailing this coach. Are you wanting to visit the school? Are you inviting them to watch you at an event? Be clear with the purpose of your email. Your intro should include your name and graduation year.

4. Show Your Interest In Their Program

It is important that every email you send out to a college coach is tailored to their program specifically - you should never be sending one email to multiple colleges at the same time. By sending a unique email, it tells the coach that you are genuinely interested in their program. Research the college's academic and soccer program so you have specific highlights to mention. Some examples include: the school's major you are interested in, important wins for the college's soccer team, awards the team received, or any connections you may have to the college.

5. Provide Player Info

After expressing interest in their program, you should turn the focus to you as a player. Mention things like the club you play for, your jersey number, and your position. If you have recruiting profiles created through NCSA or PlayMetrics, include a link to those. Also, if you have a video highlight reel, include it! This provides a picture of you as a player that adds value beyond what you can write in an email.

6. Highlight Academic Achievements

It is important to emphasize that you are a strong student-athlete. Although coaches are looking for ideal players to fit their program, they also need students that can handle the rigor of their university and maintain eligibility throughout the season. This is the place to mention your GPA, class rank, notable test scores, or AP courses.

7. Conclude With An Action Item For The Coach

Let the coach know that you want this to be an ongoing conversation about how you could fit into their program. You can propose a time where you will follow up with them to hear more about their program, schedule a visit, or hear feedback on your film. This is also a great place to mention if your team has upcoming events the college coach can attend to watch you. Finally, conclude your email with your club team coach's information (email or phone number), so the college coach can learn more about you from your club coach.

8. Sign Off With A Professional Signature

Your signature is a quick bio for you. Use it to present your name, contact info, and links to other recruiting information. Below are some important items to include in your professional signature:

  • Your name

  • Graduation Year

  • Recruiting Profile Links

  • Phone Number

  • Email

9. Proofread, And Then Proofread Again

Check for any spelling or grammar errors, and to make sure your email is clear. Proofreading to tidy up your email shows your professionalism to the coach, and demonstrates that you are detail-oriented.


Email Template

Subject line: [Your Name], [Grad Year], [Position/Event], [Standout Detail]

Dear Coach [Last Name],

My name is [Your Name] and I am a [Year in School] in [City/State] looking to graduate in [Graduation Year]. I am reaching out to [State Purpose: show how I can add value to your program/visit your school/invite you to my upcoming soccer event].

The potential to play for your program is exciting because [include 2-3 sentences about research you conducted about their school].

I currently play for FIERCE United as a [Position] wearing jersey number [Your #]. You can learn more about me and see highlights on my recruiting profile at [insert link]. I would love to hear any feedback on my video to help me grow as a player and become a more desirable candidate for your program. I also understand the importance of academics, which is why I am proud to report [Academic Achievements: GPA/Class Rank/Notable Test Scores/AP courses].

I plan to follow up on [Date/Time] to further discuss my interest in your program and hear your thoughts on my highlights. In the meantime, please feel free to reach out to my club coach, [Coach's Full Name] at [Email/Phone Number] to learn more about me. You can also see me play at [Upcoming Event] on [Dates of Event]. My schedule for the event is below:

[Event Schedule: Date, Location, Name of Event, Your Team Name]

I look forward to continuing our conversation soon!

Thank you,

[Your name]

[Graduation Year]

[Recruiting Profile Links]


[Phone Number]


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