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FIERCE Director of Coaching Kamille Cervantes Earns USSF National B License

FIERCE is proud to boast that on March 19th, Director of Coaching Kamille Cervantes earned her USSF National B License. This incredible accomplishment comes right on the heels of Coach Nick earning his USSF National B License. This makes two National B Licenses added to FIERCE in the past three months.

Coach Kamille's accomplishment marks the end of a year and a half long journey of courses, in-person sessions, and - in the midst of it all - welcoming baby twins into her family.

Senior board member Alyssa Studer spoke to the inspiration Coach Kamille's accomplishment will provide to future leaders within the club:

Huge congrats to Coach Kamille! We're so proud to have not just one, but two, B license coaches part of our leadership team. This will undoubtedly amplify player development club-wide. Even more exciting though, is how Coach Kamille's accomplishment will inspire our players, especially those that aspire to coach one day. 

Coach Kamille shared her own thoughts regarding her experience:

It was certainly quite the undertaking to complete this course while welcoming my beautiful baby boys into the world, but the experience and overall journey was truly amazing. I'm so thankful for the FIERCE players, staff, and board members who supported me along the way and cannot wait to share all the great information we learned during the process. A special thank you to 10G and their families for going above and beyond during their filmed sessions and matches. Also, thank you to my family at home for supporting me through the entire process and continuing to believe in me. It feels great to be back and we've already seen such massive strides from our next generation of FIERCE players preparing for the National League and other exciting opportunities. The B course was a phenomenal experience and I feel more prepared than ever to serve our players and staff.

Coach Kamille's B License marks yet another milestone in FIERCE's commitment to staff empowerment and player development. In fact, at this time 3 other FIERCE coaches are currently pursuing their D Licenses. The club is proud of the coaches for their commitment to professional growth, and the ripple effects that will positively impact FIERCE players as a result of it.

Coach Kamille joined FIERCE as its first full-time hire during its infancy. Her current roles include Director of Coaching, leading several select teams, and serving as a coach for the Women's Premier Soccer League (WPSL) U21 semi-professional side that competes each summer. In addition to these responsibilities, Coach Kamille serves on the Olympic Development Program staff.

Please join us in congratulating Coach Kamille on her tremendous feat!


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