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FIERCE WPSL Season Concludes With A Win

After an action-packed summer of WPSL U21 matches, the stage was set for an exciting conclusion to the season on July 1st. FIERCE's team met a familiar opponent in TTi Bluebonnet, but this time had home-field advantage.

TTi Bluebonnets struck first on the scoresheet, giving them a 1-0 lead over FIERCE. In the second half, tactical changes helped FIERCE shift into a new gear. Head Coach Nick Marquez noted FIERCE's WPSL U21 team "saw 70% of the ball and we were on the front foot all night. Switching to a 3-2-4-1 at half injected a super aggressive mindset to help us."

With the new formation in place, FIERCE kicked off the second half with renewed energy. FIERCE's first goal came from Izzy Brown feeding Aubrey Walker in the box. With the score now level, FIERCE built on their momentum and continued to look dangerous throughout the second half. In the 87th minute, Ashley Guild sent a perfectly weighted through ball to striker Teya Marquez that was confidently put away to secure the win.

FIERCE's 2-1 win over TTi Bluebonnets was a fitting ending for a rewarding WPSL U21 season. The summer exposed FIERCE's top high school players and alumni to NCAA DI competition in the area, propelling the growth and development of these FIERCE players. With their results this season, FIERCE's Semi-Pro platform continues to improve and empower young women with opportunities to be challenged. Overall, the club is proud to have offered the WPSL U21 platform for a second year, and even prouder to see the dividends paid to the players committed to putting in the work over the summer.


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