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2008s & 2009s Nearing Nationals Bids

In the National League (NL), the ultimate prize is to advance to the USYS National Championships. To reach it, NL teams must advance through the NL Conference Playoffs and NL P.R.O., both daunting tasks against the top teams in the nation.

In early December, FIERCE's 08G and 09G were put to the test at the NL Conference Playoffs in Orlando, FL. FIERCE competed against the top teams across the 13 NL conferences. After battling the nation's best teams, both FIERCE squads came away from the event undefeated. With FIERCE 08G finishing at the top of their group, and FIERCE 09G finishing second in their group, both teams advance to the NL P.R.O. event in May.

Now, both teams have their eyes set on Oceanside, CA for the NL P.R.O. event. This will be the first time this season FIERCE has the opportunity to play the best teams from the Elite 64 Playoffs, NL's club-based format. Each team will be guaranteed three games at the event, and the chance to advance to the USYS National Championships. We are deeply proud of our 09G and 08G's accomplishments, and cannot wait to cheer them on in May!


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