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Elite Academy Girls Complete Successful Campaign Competing Up One Year

Coach Rachelle D'Amico speaking with 14G

After an impressive Fall 2023 season, Director of Academy - Rachelle D'Amico - deemed FIERCE's elite Academy players ready for a new challenge:

Due to tremendous success in the CAYSA league we made the decision to compete in 13G WDDOA Alpha level for our Spring campaign.

To spur on the players' development, FIERCE's top Academy players competed a year up in a new league. This presented a large jump for the players, going from 7v7 to 9v9 and competing against older teams that already had a Fall select season under their belt. Although the spring season presented challenging opponents, FIERCE players embraced the adversity and even earned a shutout against one of their older opponents.

The player's growth was on full display in their last competition of 23-24 technical year - the T&C Spring Cup. After 3 games, FIERCE came out undefeated with three dominant performances. The team's offense proved lethal with 15 goals scored, and defense stepped up to only concede 2.

The T&C Spring Cup was a testament to FIERCE's Be Different culture. By prioritizing player development and embracing tough competition for the sake of growth, the spring season proved to be an invaluable experience for these players. Now, this group looks ahead to it's first season as FIERCE 14G Pre-NL.

Regarding the team's future, Academy Director and Head Coach Rachelle D'Amico had the following to say:

We are very excited about the development of our 14G Pre-NL team. Keep these girls on your radar, they will be stars one day!

FIERCE is incredibly proud of the fearlessness 14G Pre-NL demonstrates day in and day out, and cannot wait to see how they break barriers in the upcoming season!


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